What is a dashcam/car camera ?
A dashboard cam is a camera that is placed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens while you are driving the car.
More advanced version of the cameras can also record rear views; some are equipped with infra-red sensors to enable recordings in the dark too.
The camera automatically switches on and begins recording as soon as the car engine starts.
It saves all video data to a memory card. Some cameras are capable of recording in High Definition and deliver great video quality.

This is a particular technology that can be quite interesting for many drivers.
It is mature and extensively used technology in several countries where accident and insurance fraud appears to be a problem
Why do you need a dashcam ?
Is it a good idea to have such a device on board of a car?
I think so!

The camera is your objective witness and can "speak" for you should something happen. It can be an accident due to an unexpected maneuver from the car in front of you or a fraudulent accident that is almost impossible to recognize or simply a situation that will require a detailed examination later.
Whatever it is, a dashboard cam will be there to contribute to finding out the truth.

At the moment most dash cams use a memory card which is constantly being re-written since video is recorded in a loop.
This results in only the last few hours or days of the video available (depending on memory card size).
Who benifits from having a dashboardcamera ?
Every driver.
People use a dashboardcamera for above mentionned purpuses (accident, pleasure, information)

Businesses however kan get much more out of dashcams.
A company can win information about the driving style, speed of his driver as well as witness by accidents.

For other companies, like taxi and busdrivers, it is possible to turn the camera to the inside of the car/bus to film all the things that happen inside their vehicle